What Do Cannabis PR and Dispensary PR Firms Do for Their Clients?

To succeed in business, one needs to work with the right partners and engage with the right stakeholders in the ecosystem. It especially holds true for industries that are in a formative phase, such as the marijuana sector.

If you operate a business in this sector, then you will need to have partners such as a cannabis email marketing agency that would conduct cannabis email marketing on a regular basis. This would give you the reach that you need to be a competitor in the competitive cannabis industry. Cannabis PR

There are a few steps that are involved in the cannabis business relationship between the cannabis retailer or seller and the cannabis PR firm. Different activities and interactions may need to take place for different components of the industry, ranging from dispensary PR to marijuana tech public relation activities.


We’ll walk through a few of the components of the relationship between the marijuana PR firm and the other businesses with the cannabis industry.


The First Step Is Planning and Coordination

The planning and coordination aspect of the business is one of the most important aspects of the entire relationship. This part of the relationship will set objectives, devise plans, and discuss where the business would be headed with the help of a marijuana communications expert.


The relationship will set a path forward. From there, it will look at what needs to be conducted in regard to development, strategies, tactics, and the type of messaging and communication that will take place over the course of the relationship.


This first part will establish the protocol of communication between the marijuana PR firm and the client. It will dive into the respective needs of the client ranging from the requirement for marijuana direct response marketing agency component to general green technology PR for sustainable solutions.


Once the planning and coordination phase is completed. It will be time to move on to the next step of overall assessment.


The Pre- Assessment Phase

The assessment phase is interconnected to the initial planning and coordination phase as it involves getting to know the client and their specific needs. Each client will have different needs, different voices and different stages. The needs of a general agritech PR for agriculture businesses will vary from that of a new dispensary PR.


After the assessment phase, the action phase will include the execution of the plan.


The Execution of the Plan

The execution phase will include the development of communication materials, media releases, stories, briefing notes and more. There will be a mixture of digital execution and offline execution as well. Digital execution will include web copy, ad copy, and other aspects of digital design.


The execution might include events as well as making connections with celebrities, influencers, and other key people within the industry.


Assessment of the Plan

Another crucial component of the relationship will be to measure the effectiveness of the plan and the activities that were conducted. This will mean that the cannabis PR firm will have to understand the key metrics, be able to read the data, compile reports, and use the data and its learnings to improve the plan and the campaign as it progresses.

The green technology PR or the cannabis PR firm will have to establish the key aspects of the relationship, the components, and the plan to do well and effectively support its cannabis or agriculture business clients.

From there, it can lead the business through a well laid out path of victory.