Top five things to expect after brain surgery

If you have a brain tumor and it is affecting your motor skills, memory or emotions, then you are likely facing a brain surgery at some point in your near future. Of course, this is something that a neurosurgeon will diagnose and treat for you. They can tell you what your best options are for living a normal life again someday in your future. If you have a brain tumor and need to have it removed, then you will be facing a long recovery period after brain surgery. Brain surgery, whether minimally invasive or not, can still have a long recovery period afterwards as it is a type of surgery that affects your basic motor functions. neurosurgeon

If you have questions or concerns about your surgery, then you need to be sure to find a neurosurgeon that can answer all of your questions for you while also giving you the right options for your recovery period at the same time. There are many things to expect after brain treatment and surgery. Listed here are the top five things to expect during your recovery period after having brain surgery to remove a tumor:

  1. Your senses can change. You may wake up and find that you now have an extraordinary sense of smell. You may find that anything you touch has heightened senses at the beginning. This can be very cool or very annoying pending on how you are feeling after surgery and should calm down over time during your recovery period.
  2. You will be constipated for a while. After any type of major trauma to the body, including major surgeries, you likely won’t have regular or normal bowel movements for some time. If it has been over a week, then it is important to discuss this with your doctor in order to ensure that you aren’t staying too backed up for too long. This can have a dangerous impact on your health if you let it go for too long.
  3. You will have a sore throat. Another thing to expect post surgery is that you will have¬† a sore throat because you may have a breathing tube down your throat during the surgery. You will also be very thirsty when you wake up and the sore throat won’t help you either. You may get ice chips immediately after post surgery to help with this.
  4. You will need help. Don’t think that you can recover on your own. You will need someone to help you to get dressed and perform other basic daily functions that you used to do on your own.
  5. Talk about it. Also, be sure to talk about how you are feeling. You may have symptoms that can lead to an unhealthy recovery or complications and it is important to discuss any types of feelings or reactions with your neurosurgeon or friends.

As you can see, these were only a few of the things to expect when recovering from brain surgery. If you are looking for the right neurosurgical center to help you with this, then you will want to reach out to the experts over at Boulder Neurosurgical and Spine Associates.