Layer It Up – How to Use Window Shades With Drapes

When it comes to showing off personal style, layers are regarded as having a special effect. After all, the depth and variety that you can add to a single outfit with layers remains unmatched by any other style. Window Shades

But you may not be the only one who can look good in a layered outfit. When given the chance, your windows can flaunt their own style with layers too.

This opportunity for window treatments comes in the form of pairing your window shades with drapes.

When you pair your window shades with the right shape and style of drapes, you are provided with an amalgamation of design that brings a pleasant sense of depth to any room.

Achieving this effect is not that difficult when you know what you are doing. Here are a few tips that will help you get the most out of your layered window treatments.


Use the Right Kind of Shades

When selecting drapes with window shades, it is essential to make sure that you are selecting styles that go well together.

Cellular Shades with Drapes

For instance, if want to dress your windows in more modern coverings, then you can go with cellular shades that have a futuristic look to them while also having an insulation feature. With them, you should ideally have a modern style of drapes in mind that complements the distinct shape which cellular shades are known for. It would provide your overall window with the futuristic look that you desire.

Roman Shades with Drapes

On the other hand, if you are going with a touch of elegance and have selected roman shades as your main covering, then you can take layering to another level. Since roman shades stack on top of one another, you may select drapes that have a more flowing quality to the fabric. This would project a sense of depth that makes for great aesthetics.

Standard Shades with Drapes

Going simple with standard window shades never hurt anyone. This gives you the opportunity to play up with patterns as well. That is where you can take into account whether you want your standard shades to have a pattern, or would you rather do that with your drapes. You can then go with this style in case your room is not already filled with prominent patterns.

Sheer Shades with Drapes

Another way to play up with layers is by using sheers. These sheer window shades that are available in cellular, roman, standard and almost every other type of shades hold a semi-translucent quality that is captivating in itself. When you use drapes that are made out of heavier fabric, then this creates a dramatic effect that is bound to earn some praise from your houseguests.

Regardless of kind of shades that you end up selecting, remember that the best results may only be gained when you use custom window coverings that are fitted to your windows like their own tailored wardrobe.

With that, also make sure that you take the usage of colors into account. Never use those colors between shades and drapes that are bound to clash. You should also keep your room’s décor in mind to make sure that your custom shades and drapes treatment shine through.