How to become an electrician

If you are considering finding a new career path, then you will want to consider becoming an electrician. Becoming an electrician is an exciting new career prospect that will bring you into a completely different field that you have ever been in before. Becoming an electrician can change your life. You can work for yourself while also making good money. You can experience job growth as well as many opportunities to learn different aspects of the job, such as working as a residential electrician and then switching to a commercial electrician! residential electrician

There are many ways to become an electrician. If you want to learn more about your opportunities, then you will want to learn the steps that it takes to become an electrician. Listed here are several of the many ways to become an electrician:

  1. Get your high school diploma or GED. You can start your quest for becoming an electrician by ensuring that you have your high school diploma. If you dropped out for any reason, then you can also get your GED in order to move on to the next steps. You can even earn this online nowadays.
  2. Get some training at a vocational college or trade school. If you want to be sure that you stand out from everyone else trying to become an electrician, then you will want to consider going to vocational college in order to get more expertise and getting your foot in the door in order to get an apprenticeship.
  3. Apply for your apprenticeship. You will want to apply for an apprenticeship and can do this by taking a basic aptitude test while also passing a job interview. You will also likely need to pass a physical test as well as a drug test before getting accepted.
  4. Register as an apprentice in your state. You will need to register as a trainee in your state of residence.
  5. Complete your apprenticeship and get licensed! You will get on the job training as well as online courses which can take anywhere up to five years to complete. Once you complete your apprenticeship, then you can get licensed.

As you can see, these are some of the steps that it takes in order to become an electrician. Just because you don’t need a college degree for this job doesn’t mean that you can breeze your way through it! An apprenticeship can take up to four or five years! Of course, you can make money during this time but you will require a serious undertaking of education along the way. Luckily for those that don’t like traditional schooling, your education is in the form of a very hands on apprenticeship.

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