Last year a report by the national committee for industry and growth stated that the roofing industry is now among the most lucrative areas of construction in the country, putting it high on the list of any industry in the nation for possible earnings. Roofers live well by and large, with the national average wage of a roofing professional at around fifty thousand dollars a year, despite the fact that roofers are not generally part of any kind of workers union party. There is little doubt that commercial roofers make a lot of money, but we wanted to take a closer look at just how they do it. In this article we will examine the way in which today’s roofers make the big bucks.

The first thing which allows roofer to make a ton of cash is the fact that they don’t have to spend a lot of money on marketing. Most service industries require their workers to spend a lot of the profits on marketing in order to bring in new clients, but roofing contractors are in such high demand that advertising isn’t even done on a large scale. Most major roofing companies such as, spend less than ten grand a year on marketing. The only thing a roofing company has to do to win new clients is do a good job on the work they already have, after that clients tell other people that need roof work about their guys. Word of mouth is by far the most powerful marketing tool in the roofing industry, and it is totally free. Not having to spend a ton of each year’s earnings on marketing campaigns means that roofers make a lot more than other kinds of service professionals.

Residential roofing is an easy field to make a lot of cash in because there are so many different sources of work. Today’s residential roofer is getting most of his work from the construction of new homes which is a huge market right now. By some estimates 2018 will have higher numbers of new homes being constructed than any time in the last twenty years. While most areas of home construction can be done by the home builder, roofing is one area which must be done by a roofing expert alone. The housing boom is keeping roofing contractors all over the country very busy. As we said, there are many different sources of work for the modern roofer. Roofing repair is a huge source of new business for roofers. Roofing repair helps roofers make tons of cash because it is a very common household need, as well as one where the profit margins are very high. A roofing repair that might take a professional roofer around an hour, and cost him about fifty dollars in materials, might bring in a profit of two hundred dollars are more. There is a certain urgency involved in roofing repair which is not common to other forms of home repair services, and which permits roofers to charge higher rates for their talents.