Home Designer Services

Whether floors, doors, bedrooms, living rooms or bathrooms you get everything perfectly thought out and tailored to you personally by MDK Design. The top priority is the sound planning of the rooms on the basis of your wishes and price expectations. Whether rented apartments, properties or family homes – there is the right solution for every need and every budget. From the floor to the ceiling everything is covered that you need to live. From the very first minute, you will be supported in your project and project – from individual planning to on-time and professional installation.


Kitchen renovation, change of the counter in the kitchen, ribbons exchange. The kitchen has always been an important center for the residents of a home. Depending on your personal needs – rather traditionally or adapted to the practical requirements of a modern life – They support you in incorporating all the
important functions of this area into the design and, as far as possible, taking all individual wishes into account. They build the kitchens in complete self-service, integrating whatever technical equipment you wish for. Of course they also look after them long term by organizing an exchange or a repair for you.


Custom made bed for the bedroom, bedside table on request, wardrobes for bedroom. Many people have a strong need for places of rest and relaxation. So that your own bathroom can become such a place, they take care of the overall planning for you or supplement already existing with perfectly fitted furniture, mirror cabinets or showers (like all of glass). So that these high-quality products can be served and maintained as well as possible, they work together with sanitary works with a partner company, which deserves our and your trust. So that you can integrate in addition to your daily activities in the bathroom as much joy and relaxation in your everyday life!


Modern living room on request, living room in classic style, living room, country style, wooden living room. Nowadays, there are a wide variety of concepts
available on the subject of built-in cupboards / shelves and we know them (almost) all! When planning and building in this area, your personal idea of ??optimal use is of utmost importance to us. Around this central aspect, we advise, plan and build built-in wardrobes and shelves that are much more than a mere storage place for clothes, books or other belongings. Color, shape and materials should fit into the room in the desired manner, meet your wishes regarding optimal usability and still be perceptible as a functional unit.


Prefabricated parquet, impact-resistant floor covering, solid parquet, strips for parquet, floor covering with click system coupling. Whether parquet, laminate or
cork: floor coverings are in your home the boards that mean the world. They should fulfill the most diverse criteria: practically in the care, suitable to the
appropriate rooms, according to your wishes in material and design. They advise and plan, produce and install – so that your floors not only serve as a mere base
and inspire them even after years of intensive use.